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We make it easy to search, view, and purchase various products in a wide range of styles for myriads of occasions on our website. There are basically two types of star projectors that you can purchase. If you purchase this model for a small child, it does come with four built-in lullabies that you can […]

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In that capacity, it can play music streamed from a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as your mobile device or computer. Most models have speakers built in so you can play music or hear the soundtrack of whatever you’re watching. Thanks to its unobtrusive design and the whisper-quiet fan, galaxy night light we completely forgot it was […]

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It also works with Chromebooks and if you have an Android phone or tablet you can download the free Accell app and then connect to the dock to mirror your device’s display to a single 1080p-resolution monitor and use a keyboard and mouse if you want, too. It works just fine, and is no different […]

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“(The sensor) is mission critical,” said Dupuis, room projector who was in the NASA control room Jan. 31 when operators flicked on its power switch after the long voyage from Earth. “It’s extremely satisfactory seeing everything coming into place,” said Jean Dupuis, a senior mission scientist with the agency. You’ll also need to factor in […]

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The smart aromatherapy alarm clocks from Nox Aroma will sense when you’ve reached your sleep cycle’s lightest point and release a wake-up scent of your choice. Sleep trackers such as Eight’s smart mattress and smartphone apps Sleep Time and Sleep Cycle will use sensors to measure your sleep metrics, while smart alarm clocks like Amazon’s […]

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There was also a new dual-band ZenWifi system last year called the ZenWifi XD6 — it performed quite well in our tests, but it only costs slightly less than the XT8. VERTICO is focused on a particularly extreme region of space called the Virgo Cluster, named for its location in the Virgo constellation in the […]

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The lights go off, the projector whirls,and for the first time in years Afghan families find themselves sharing popcorn and soda as Hollywood and Bollywood stars romp across the silver screen. The queue at the Galaxy is an echo of a time before the Taliban’s dark era, when Afghan men, women and children openly attended […]