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It has been in the top of the list of every Light show expert since it was released. Most projectors still use UHP lamps, which are essentially expensive light bulbs. With this contrast ratio, you are guaranteed to get image quality and colors of the blacks and whites up to cinema level. The brightness is […]

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Flicking the brush with a finger and moving the brush at the same time creates the star bands; varying the angle of the splatter creates realism. With the 2022 Oscars season upon us, and more and more of the best streaming services putting the latest silver screen releases into our homes at the same time […]

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This mobile device is a bit bigger than most other portable projectors here, but still small enough to hide completely under a six-pack of Coke. Such a large amount of mass in such a small volume causes extraordinary gravitational forces, which in turn accelerate galaxies to speeds of millions of kilometres per hour and superheat […]

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In an amusing thread compiled on Bored Panda, galaxy lights for room users posted a series of rather baffling sightings – including a toilet with only frosted glass to cover pupils’ modesty. We’ve compiled this list of our favorite star projectors based on different needs! Smart projectors are much smaller than standard projectors, this makes […]