brussels lights Mesh systems regularly sold for as much as $500 a few years ago, but now these manufacturers offer multipoint mesh router systems — including the main router and the additional satellite extenders — that cost less than $300, or even below $200. Better yet, you won’t have to juggle your connection between your main network and a separate extension network like with a lot of standalone range extenders. Given that range extension is already baked into the system, the mesh router will automatically route your connection accordingly within a single, unified network. Although it comes with a limited variation in starry projection, the three levels of brightness will help you to cater to different moods. PS1-10afx had the same colour and light curve – the change in brightness over time – as a Type Ia supernova (a white dwarf that has received so much energy from a nearby star that it explodes).

18. Adjust Brightness for Sleep mode. Samsung redesigned its game mode this year, creating a hub that plops all game-related content into one easy-to-use place. I use a small TV in my bedroom to game at night and I’d love it if that TV offered the same features and technology as my large living room set. We’ve still got lots of routers and mesh systems we’d like to try out — including a growing number that use Wi-Fi 6 technology, promising better performance and faster speeds. With multiple devices spread throughout your home, a good mesh router is like a team of routers that can relay your wireless traffic back to the modem better than a traditional router, especially when you’re connecting at range. If you’re never going to use it for gaming, though, and 4K isn’t a big deal to you, you can probably settle for something less expensive (like the Optoma UHD38).

Right now, you can get the Xgimi Aura 4K ultra short throw projector for $2,250 when you use coupon code XGIMICNET10 during checkout. The Xgimi Aura is a 4K UHD ultra short throw projector, which means that you can place it on a TV stand in front of the wall and it can project a display of up to 150 inches with it being just 17 inches from the wall. To sweeten the deal even further, Xgimi is offering a free streaming dongle with the purchase of its Aura projector, which normally costs $100 on its own. All you need to do is add the dongle to your cart, and you’ll see the extra discount. A new $280 retail price and a huge extra discount just slashed this model to a new all-time low. I have stronger memories of reading Star Wars picture books at my local library (that too was a thing back then) and my older cousin’s model X-Wing.

Achieving theater-level picture quality at home is getting closer to reality. The laser-powered picture is colorful and clear, with a distinct lack of blurring in fast-moving images. A team of scientists has finally solved the mystery of a dazzling “super-supernova” that shone 30 times brighter than expected when it was discovered four years ago. But it shone as bright as 100 billion suns – 30 times greater than expected. Astronomers have recorded the biggest black holes ever detected – a pair of stellar monsters that somehow have managed to swallow the equivalent of 10 billion suns each. One of the black holes has a mass of 9.7 billion suns and lurks in the elliptical galaxy NGC 3842, the brightest galaxy near the Leo constellation 320 million light-years away. The second one is even bigger and resides in galaxy NGC 4889, the brightest galaxy in the direction of the Coma Berenices constellation about 336 million light-years from Earth. Some astronomers even thought that existing models used to classify stellar explosions must be wrong. Astronomers use Type Ia supernovae to measure cosmological distance independent of the Universe’s expansion, which was key to the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe.

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