They’re amazing, and they give us – literally – an out of this world experience. Regardless, we think the combination of specs that we’ve got here will be more than enough for most people, and most people will be utterly awed by the picture quality, which is out of this world. And while the screen is easy to build (it will be up. It’s the ideal screen for impromptu movie nights at a friend’s house, or quick presentations while at work. As a bonus, it’s incredibly easy to put together. This screen includes a power adapter and self-inflates-no need to put your lungs to the test-and comes with a large carrying case to help cart it around. Installation is dead simple, as it comes shipped fully assembled (so no electronics knowledge required) and you won’t have to get up to adjust it, either, as it comes with its own remote. Get them interested in wisdom. We should say from the get go that tracking down stats, like again and aspect ratio, is surprisingly difficult for the screen. Fortunately, there are several other excellent options, star ceiling projector and one of them is the Vamvo Outdoor Indoor screen. There’s little want for detail when upscaling from HD and there are bags of carefully shaded nuance with both contrast and colour.

If you want a larger Apple laptop, you’ll need to find £2,399 for a MacBook Pro 16, so the powerful £1,449 M1 MacBook Air – with a 512GB SSD and 16GB RAM to bring to spec parity – is a better comparison. Read our review to find out how the Korean manufacturer’s new flagship performed in our DxOMark Mobile testing. What We Don’t: Huge price tag puts it out of reach for many. Its higher prices — 300 Afghanis ($6) for a ticket, six times the cost of other cinemas in Kabul — also puts it beyond the reach of many in the capital, where unemployment is rampant, adding to the sense of security for those who can afford it. If you demand absolute clarity, and a totally flat viewing surface, it maybe worth looking at a more permanent option like the aforementioned Silver Ticket, or a model from Elite Screens.

It’s a clear choice over screens from Silver Ticket, its big competitor. ’s also easy to tip over. What We Don’t: Needs a very dark environment, easy to tip over. Without a very dark environment, such as a basement with blackout curtains, there is a noticeable degradation and picture quality. Is there an app to project stars on the ceiling? There are apps built in, some of which consider the Mars II a portable device, star projector lamp meaning you can download content to its 8GB internal memory for offline watching. Netflix and Amazon Prime can display their OTT content in full HDR glory. Night Mode automatically kicks in when it’s dark, just like the built-in high dynamic range (HDR) mode for all photography. I pick the picture mode closest to the most accurate color temperature. For our money, this is the top high-end projection screen pick of this year. The Milky Way produces about one star every year. For higher quality, you can connect an external audio system using either the one HDMI port with ARC support, or the S/PDIF optical audio output. You can begin using the built in speaker. There’s nothing to stop you using it indoors, too – although it won’t beat out similarly-priced models from Epson and Elite Screens on this count.

Overall quality is usable, but not a match for the audio in other models mentioned here. The Giant Gemmy is perfect for an outdoor movie night or sporting event with a crowd of people, but keep in mind that picture quality can’t be expected to match an indoor screen. Now here’s something a bit different in an outdoor screen: this Giant Gemmy model inflates like a bouncy castle, so you won’t need to mess around with pegs and guy ropes. The image is bright and clean and although pricier screens like the Vamvo Indoor Outdoor have the Pyle beaten on clarity, the quality is still good for the price. One thing to be aware of with the Pyle PRJTP46 is that the design isn’t as robust as we’d like. Portable projector screens can be hit or miss, but the Pyle PRJTP46 is definitely a hit. As we mentioned, go in prepared to deal with a surface that might not be ideal for your projector.