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Not only that but there’s even a laser module that creates an array of stars for a complete cosmic canvas. With a modest price tag and outstanding picture quality, the Optoma P2 provides more value than any other laser TV. The third generation of the folding device has a stronger, redesigned screen, a streamlined hinge […]

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It also features an LED timer that you can set for between 5 and 95 minutes, depending on how long you want the lights to stay on. The last thing you want is to shell out your hard-earned dollar only to find that the item you’ve received will last for only a week or two. […]

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That said, you’ll want to use Bluetooth headphones for watching movies or TV. Keep in mind you’ll need to use one of the HDMI ports for it, which can be a bit annoying if you have lots of devices, especially since it only has 2 HDMI inputs total. In layman’s terms, the closer you can […]

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A fifth apartment Fallon owns that’s said to be used as a private office is not included in the sale. Put some science into the gift mix this year, with an additional 15% off our best science and DIY kits for a limited time in our Pre-Black Friday sale! She said parents often ask if […]

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All Scriptures were inspired by the Holy Spirit. What do the Scriptures teach us how to go about it? The Bible indicates that an object may obtain a specific meaning by its inherent characteristics and/or uses. Scriptures to support above statement are as follows: The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows […]

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The Notification Light app available for free on the Google Play Store has the best reviews of any other apps. So, go to the Google Play Store or Samsung Store, and make sure all your apps are up to date. The notification colors are usually displayed by the round LED light that is normally located […]

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Well-reviewed and simple-to-use options include Encambio Alcrea’s original kit ($14 and comes with several sky maps), Airbin’s 3D Domed Glow in the Dark Stars ($14) and Liderstar’s set ($12). The original plan was to have the theater watchable by the end of 2007, obviously that didn’t happen. Believe it or not, most people didn’t have […]

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Astrophiles who love to stare at the night sky will love what this gadget brings to the table. BlissLights Sky Lite is a top of the line room star projector that serves as a multipurpose device for creating a cosmos in your room and also serves as a night light. While you are gazing at […]

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The 6-inch refracting telescope was purchased from the estate of Robert McKim of Madison, Indiana by Irwin in 1889. The lens was made by Alvan Clark & Sons in 1883. Was originally part of McKim’s personal observatory located near his home. An opening through which the 6-inch refracting telescope could view the sky. Fecker, Inc. […]

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With five different sizes to choose from, the eco-friendly moon lamps are 3D printed and use NASA satellite images to create a more realistic feel. With a fragment of the mission-flown kapton foil that provided thermal protection for the astronauts aboard the Apollo 11 Command Module, the information card includes images from Apollo 11, details […]